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Dubai Customs’ Consultative Council approves Agenda D33 to double its economy by 2033

March 27, 2023
finance & economy

RIYADH: The Dubai Customs’ Consultative Council has commended the Dubai Economic Agenda D33 which aims to double Dubai’s economy under 100 transformative projects by 2033.

The initial set of projects includes doubling Dubai’s foreign trade volume and adding 400 cities to its global trade map.

The council also emphasized the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors to achieve these objectives.

Members of the council noted that the agenda will enhance Dubai's competitiveness and reinforce its central position in the global economy, further solidifying its status as the preferred destination for businesses and traders.

The council’s goal is to offer innovative and intelligent services to streamline customs procedures and facilitate traders in line with Dubai’s vision.

Dubai Customs completed 26 million customs transactions in the first quarter of the year, representing huge growth, according to WAM.

Dubai International Airport was the world's top airport for international passengers, with a 127 percent increase from 29.1 million passengers in 2021 to 66 million passengers in 2022.