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COP28 event will give regional economy new opportunities to find innovative solutions-

November 16, 2021

The COP28 event will give the regional economy new opportunities to find innovative solutions, said Dr Mostafa Al Guezeri, managing director, Hitachi Energy.

Al Guezeri said: “Many regions across the world like the European Union, Japan and so on have announced concrete plans and timelines to accelerate their move to carbon-neutrality. The UAE has announced that 50 per cent of its energy will be clean by 2050 and hosting the COP28 event shows their seriousness towards their commitment towards achieving carbon-neutrality. They have been smart to diversify their economy and not rely on oil the way some other economies that were founded on oil were which means that they are at a better position to strive towards carbon neutrality. There are however many challenges ahead of actually getting to that destination.”

Al Guezeri thinks there are many challenges with digitisation, transfer of knowledge from a retiring workforce, new technology and so on. COP28 should be an opportunity for UAE to collaborate with countries all around the world to show their solutions to these problems and also learn solutions from other countries because climate change is everyone’s problem.

Hitachi is strengthening its climate target to contribute to a net zero society by achieving carbon neutrality through its entire value chain including production, procurement and the use of products and services by 2050.

“We are pioneering digital and energy platforms that help overcome complexity, increase efficiency and accelerate the shift towards a carbon-neutral energy future. In 2021, we took an important step in launching EconiQ™ – our eco-efficient portfolio of products, solutions, and services, which are sustainability-oriented in design and proven to deliver superior environmental performance compared to conventional solutions. Electricity is rapidly becoming the backbone of the entire energy system,” said Al Guezeri.

Hitachi Energy will be showcasing HVDC (high-voltage direct current) systems at ADIPEC that is acknowledged as a key enabler for zero carbon energy infrastructure and is highly efficient for transmitting large amounts of electricity over long distances. The system also helps integration of renewables and interconnecting grids, supporting deployment of sustainable transmission solutions.

“We will also be showcasing our digital technology solutions and services at the show focusing on digital transformation as one of the key parameters to catalyse sustainability,” added Al Guezeri.

“ADIPEC will provide Hitachi Energy an opportunity to highlight our carbon-neutral solutions, versatility in technology and electricity solutions. With the UAE looking at leading the regional sustainability movement with growth confidence in the post-pandemic times, the expo is an ideal platform for global players like us to reinforce our dedication to environment and community at large.”


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