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Hytera at CCW 2022 Is Showcasing Convergence-Native Solutions for Critical Communications Sector

June 27, 2022
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Critical Communications Week (CCW) took
place in Vienna, Austria on 21 st June, 2022. The event has been running for over twenty years
across the globe, bringing the latest technology services to users from both private and public
sectors, to provide unparalleled access to authoritative content and unrivalled networking
As the gold sponsor of the event, Hytera presented the industry-leading Convergence-Native
communication solutions and products for mission-critical users, as well as their insights about
the new era of seamless connectivity.
Convergence-Native Communication: The New Era of Seamless Connectivity
Hytera Convergence-Native network, composed of different modules, integrates with existing
network infrastructures, unifies the network core and the communication platform, and provides
future-proof open API for new service deployment.
It is diversified in terms of service access and network infrastructure. Legacy PMR network,
4G/5G network by public network sharing or private network construction, ad-hoc network for
emergency responding network access -- all of these alternatives provide heterogeneous
coverage for different field operations.
As the global leading provider of professional communication technologies, Hytera brings
convergence to the next level. The convergence-native framework will lead the evolution
of mission-critical communication to a wider future.
Product Innovations Serve Various Industries
PNC560 offers mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) over 5G/LTE network with super-high
speed and low latency, supporting team communication and collaboration with a simple key
press. It also employs a multi-layer security mechanism integrated in both hardware and software
design to provide comprehensive and adequate data protection on the device.
VM690 Pro Body Worn Camera captures mission-critical audio and video recordings as
empirical evidence to protect both police officers and citizens in the field. It features micro
gimbal stabilization (MGS) to capture stable and sharp images during movements and starlight
night vision to produce colorful videos even in extremely low light conditions.

The new H Series DMR radio is built from the ground up on an entirely new technology
platform. Its updated functions, user experience, and ruggedness provide enhanced audio clarity
and loudness for efficient and reliable communications.
Industrial Solutions Boost the Business for Critical-Communication Users
Hytera also showcased its leading communication solutions including command and control, and
fast deployment.
With a rich experience in the public safety and general utility industries, Hytera provides a full
spectrum offering that covers products and solutions in areas of command and control, helping
users from public safety, emergency rescue, energy, and traffic industries to improve their
situational awareness and implement faster and more precise response.
Hytera fast deployment solution sets up a secure, non-of-sight PMR and LTE wireless link-on-
demand to enable first responders to communicate with on-site command center in complicated
environments. The flexible network deployment is designed for industries which use emergency
services include transportation, security, energy, utilities, construction, local government
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