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Wow: Ride-hailing app offers free legal services

March 2, 2021
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Dubai-headquartered company adds to growing list of unique offerings

For the first time in the industry, a ride-hailing app is facilitating free legal services to its new passengers.

Recently-launched WOW has announced the service for those who choose the app for their travel needs in Dubai. WOW already has a unique portfolio of riding options.

“As an expression of a warm welcome to our new passengers, WOW will provide free legal assistance to its new users with [our] categories,' director Abdul Rahman said.

The WOW categories include easy, long drive, premium XL, luxury, ladies, school, kids, stretch limo, emergency, economy, family and VIP.

“This has never happened before in the history of transportation that new incoming passengers would get free legal services just by joining the WOW ride-hailing service.”

He added that there is no need to go through a lengthy process to get this facility. 'Passengers are just required to show the WOW Ride app on their phones to avail free legal advise from leading experts,” he added.

Rahman says WOW’s free legal service is a huge bonus for passengers and especially for foreigners passengers because, often times, the latter face too much difficulty finding lawyers if they get stuck in any legal issue here in the UAE.

Apart from this, WOW also has many other benefits to offer its passengers, which include WOW Pass, WOW Rewards and WOW Categories. WOW also has plans to hit major metropolitan cities across the world very soon.

Similar to Careem and Uber, WOW Ride has a variety of options varying in sizes and budgets, including fare estimates.

With headquarters in both the US, the UK and Dubai, WOW currently operates in France, Pakistan and four cities in the US, as well as Dubai.


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