Sharjah's 'Azyan' promotes more responsible fashion, beauty and wellness culture

United Arab Emirates, April 21, 2019

Hanan Al Mahmoud, CEO of Al Jawaher Reception & Convention Centre (JRCC), the brains behind the Azyan Exhibition and Conference, which debuted in Sharjah this weekend, has said the event aims to heighten the awareness of industry professionals about how responsible practices in the fashion, beauty and wellness fields can have a huge impact on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production by 2030.

The four-day Azyan Exhibition offers participants a unique opportunity to explore the latest fashion trends, connect with industry experts, and share personal experiences and expertise to drive innovation and creativity in the fashion, beauty and wellness sectors.

A day each is dedicated to the exhibition's three key themes: beauty, fashion and wellness.

Al Mahmoud said, 'On the day dedicated for health and wellness, we have a number of sessions and one-to-one meetings with nutritionists who will provide the audience with valuable information to correct misconceptions and dispel myths about eating habits or lifestyles that are being promoted without a scientific basis.'

She added that the event has been purposefully timed to come before Ramadan, to offer women and families a diverse selection of innovative ideas for healthy meals and diet plans, personal care and wellness, creative gifting ideas for Eid.

A study conducted by J. Walter Thompson (JWT) revealed 90 percent consumers worldwide are trying to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. The study shows that people are eager to adopt more sustainable lifestyle practices, and there is a growing degree of awareness about individual responsibility in saving the environment. It also highlighted that people have started paying greater attention to the impact of fashion, accessories and footwear industry on the environment, which have led to changing consumption patterns.

Al Mahmoud said, 'The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, , an alarming issue that requires us to take on more responsibility. When we buy new clothes, we feel happy, but we do not think, that about 30,000 tonnes of clothes end up in landfills every year. This fact aligns with the results of a recent study, that shows we wear only 20 per cent of clothes in our wardrobes'.

Stressing on the role that the new crop of fashion designers, and wellness, beauty and lifestyle experts can play in reversing this trend, she noted: 'Emerging designers can be leading architects of a new system of production and consumption, and ensure that they and the generations after them do not have to face repercussions of irresponsible consumption. A change in mindsets, thought processes, a new approach to work and innovation will ensure a sustainable life for us and for generations to come.'

Al Mahmoud has urged women across the country to look into and understand the varied roles they can play as consumers, producers and professionals, and responsible citizens to further the UAE's ambition to create a perfect symbiosis between development and preservation of the environment. The nation's leadership encourages young fashion, beauty and wellness professionals to innovate and launch projects that provide the highest levels of quality, and at the same time, champion sustainability requirements.